Here I sit with a fresh shaven head

The wife and dogs have gone to bed

The house is dark and the air is cool

But on my shoulder is baby drool


My new twin boys are wide awake

I pray it’s gas, the noises they make

Just last night we prayed for poop

Four hours of fussing will make you stoop


Hard to believe two new mouths to feed

Formula is expensive, but something they need

I’ve got one who’s lanky, and one that’s not

Frankly, both of them require a lot


The crying really doesn’t help me much

Just tell me the problem and I’ll handle such

Hungry, sleepy, need rocking, swaddling, or change?

If it ain’t one of these, it’s outta my range.


The boat sits quiet out under its tent

Seems like a year since last I went

The smoker is cold and in the shed

Man it’s past time you guys went to bed.


One day we’ll go fishing, and play on the water

I’ll do my best being their father

People tell me these long days will pass

And people with singletons can kiss my ass