Thanks for stopping by my first post. As far as the content you can expect, the Out Behind the Woodshed team will do its best to keep it interesting, and plans to touch on a number of topics. Mostly what I feel about talking about at that particular time. And make no mistake, this will potentially be about absolutely nothing beyond some inspired rantings by a guy whose best hair days are long behind him.

However, the beauty of being Out Behind the Woodshed, is that what happens behind the woodshed, stays behind the woodshed. At least most of the time.

Our first order of business will be to introduce you to one of the Woodshed’s mascots. The magnificent bullhound, Beulah. “The Boo” will probably be a frequent guest poster.


One of the mascots, you ask? Well, there is more than one mascot, but I felt like I needed to go with the most photogenic for our first entry. Thank you for the pose.

Blossom, our Catahoula, is what they refer to as an acquired taste. More on “Ole Crazy Eyes” later.

Like my fancy pants?

And our last mascot, the one one with the biggest identity crisis, is Short Stack. Adopted at 4 weeks, he never made the connection that he’s actually not a dog. He’s now about 17 lbs of “I won’t even think about burying that Saint Bernard sized cat turd” in his litterbox.

Go ahead. I dare you to touch my stomach. Seriously. Double. Dog. Dare. You.

Don’t worry, I’m not some strange animal nut, but we do have some pretty interesting conversations with these guys, and if they had thumbs they’d be pretty formidable.

And speaking of formidable, you should see my friend’s blog — — he’s got some great reviews on beer, some porktastic recipes, and slightly irreverent humor for your online enjoyment.

I also plan to document some of my experiments outside on the grill; so if this:

9.5 lbs of certified black angus brisket goodness...

or this:

Low and slow baby!

cooked on this:


is in your wheelhouse, then I think we’ll get along just fine.